June 2, 2012

Week In The Life 2012-Thursday

5:30  Brooklyn wakes up and has a bottle and then falls back to sleep! I am now awake and spend some time reading the Bible and getting ready for the day!

7:00 Brooklyn up for the day!  We eat breakfast , get dressed,  and leave for town!

8:00  Brooklyn has her 6 month check up.... Which means 3 shots in the legs, and 1 in the mouth.  I then spend the next 5 minutes comforting her after she cries!  We both dislike her having to get shots!

9:00  We head to Tawnda's house to watch the triplets while she runs to town to do some errands and pick up Evie from preschool.  

10:00-12:00  I start updating the blog with Brooklyn's 6 month update play with the triplets while Brooklyn naps.




 Rolling around on the floor!

12:00 Lunch time! Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, peas, bananas, grapes, and vanilla wafers!  Evie and Tawnda arrive back home!

12:30  I help Tawnda put up wall stickers in the boys room!

12:45  Kids being crazy! The triplets are dragging their new chairs around, while Brooklyn plays with her cousin Evie whom she adores!

12:50  Goober calls to say he is home for lunch, and sends me a picture of how hot it is outside!  Only 87 degrees... Not bad for August! Tawnda adjusts Brooklyn because the pediatrician said her left ear looked a little red!

1:00 Brooklyn and I head home!  While daddy cat naps, I feed Brooklyn, and have some yummy Cadbury eggs leftover from Easter!!  My favorite!!!!

 A picture of the cabinet we keep Brooklyn's food in.


2:00-5:00  Goober heads back to work, and I feed Dakota, do our May budget, read my new Natural Health magazine I got in the mail, finish updating the blog, and take a nap with Brooklyn! I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer!!

5:00  Brooklyn is up from her nap! I let the dog out, feed Brooklyn supper, and check facebook!

5:30  Goober is home! He makes venison steaks for supper! Yummy!

6:15 We meet with a potential baby sitter, Kayla.... Loved her!

7:00-8:30 Watched American Idol, worked for a little bit, and played with Brooklyn.  She loves when Goober plays "get mommy" with her!

Playing "get mommy" 

She likes to play with the computer cord!

8:30- 9:00    Getting ready for bed!!! We like to read books after we get in our jammies!  Our favorite is I Love You Through And Through!  Then she has a bottle and goes to bed!

9:00-10:00 I watch Grey's Anatomy, and do up the dishes, then head to bed!!!

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