June 3, 2012

Week In The Life 2012-Saturday

5:45  My alarm goes off and I spend some time reading my Bible.

6:00 Brooklyn up for a bottle and I get ready for the day.  
 My yummy breakfast!

7:00 Tawnda and Shawn pick me up to go to an Integrity Seminar for work.

8:15  Brooklyn wakes up and eats breaskfast. (Funny how she sleeps in for daddy!)

9:00  We arrive at Mystic Lake Casino for the Seminar and spend time listening to Keith talk about having a five year plan, and having financial success.  Very interesting and inspiring.

12:00 We break for lunch and head down to the buffet.  The food was delicious and of course I had to have some ice cream!

1:00-6:00  We go back to the conference for CA training and at 4:30 we head home! While I was at the seminar, Goober had to go work with police department, so Kayla (our new babysitter!) came to watch Brooklyn for a few hours!

6:00  When I got home Brooklyn smiled so big at me and made my day! I changed into my jammies, ate some ramen noodles, fed Brooklyn, and found out that Brooklyn will cry when you say WOO HOO!  It was super cute!  Brooklyn has the cutest sad face ever!

 My froggy jammies!

7:00 We play peek-a-boo.  Another of Brooklyn's favorite games!  She laughs so hard when you cover her head and say "Where's Brooklyn?"  Then I tickled her cute little feet!

7:45  We head to Tawnda's house to Skype with Keesha, Chris, Xander. and Molly!  I loved being able to see Molly for the first time not in pictures!  I can't wait until July when they come to visit!  It was also Keesha's first time seeing Brooklyn!

8:30-10:00  We are back home and we put Brooklyn to bed!  Then I update my blog and head to bed because I am exhausted!

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