June 3, 2012

Week In The Life 2012-Friday

3:00 Brooklyn gets up for a bottle.

7:00 Up for the day! I read the bible and get ready for the day while Goober makes breakfast!  French toast and scrambled eggs....Mmmmmm! Brooklyn has oatmeal and Dakota begs for food, which is an every meal occurrence!  You would think she was never fed!

8:30  We are dressed and ready to go to mom chat! 

9:00-11:00    Mom Chat!  A bunch of mom's from church get together every 2nd and 4th Friday for adult conversation and for the kids to play!  

 Abi, Ella, and Brooklyn!
Our church Hillside!

 Auntie is so silly putting my monster on my head!  This is the funniest thing ever!

11:00  We head for home and I get stuck behind this SLOOOOW cement truck!  Boo!

12:00-2:30 We eat and play until it is time for Brooklyn's nap!

 This is my water cup which usually goes where I go!  I try to drink at least 4 of these a day!

 What our fridge looks like right now!

2:30-5:00  Brooklyn naps while I do some work!

5:00-7:00  Brooklyn is up and we eat supper. Goober is working late tonight building a wall at his store so it's just Brooklyn and I!  We do some laundry and sweep the floors.

7:00-8:30  Read Books, play, have cereal, bottle, and bedtime!

8:30-10:00  I wash the dishes, play on Pinterest and Facebook and head to bed.  Goober still isn't home, and doesn't show up until 12:00!

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