April 28, 2012

Week In The Life 2012-Tuesday

Our Tuesday started out just like most mornings do!

7:00  After waking a few times in the middle of the night (probably due to new surroundings), Brooklyn is up at her normal time! So we watch GMA, snuggle, and get ready for the day!  Then we walk back down to the Green Mill for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, and fresh fruit!  Delicious!  Then back to the room!

8:30  We get ready to go to the pool!!!  Brooklyn's first time in the pool was great!  I thought she would be a little scared and cry because it was cold, but she really loved it!

9:30-12:30  Back to our room, Goober leaves for day two of the conference and Brooklyn goes down for nap #1!  I take a nice bath and then do some more work on the computer, and pack up our room in order to check out!  I then wake Brooklyn who has apparently is super tired from being up so much during the night, and feed her lunch!  

12:30-3:30  We check out and since Goober still had to work until 3:30, Brooklyn and I decided to explore St. Cloud, so we did what any normal person would do, we went shopping!  We ended up getting a couple books, and a fun new dress for her dedication in May!

3:30  We pick up Goober, and head for home!  We pass by a scenic overlook and decide to turn around, and what do we find?  A little island in the middle of a lake.  But the real shocker... There were thousands of birds all over it!  For a moment I thought of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Birds, where the birds attack the farmers. I don't think I have ever seen so many birds at once!  The picture is not close enough to really see them, but it was crazy!

6:00  Home Sweet Home!  We eat supper, and then we decide we need something sweet to eat, so Goober ran to the gas station, and came home with one of the most delicious brownies I have ever eaten!

7:30-10:00  The rest of the night is spent playing with Brooklyn, who had a serious case of the giggles, working more, and getting ready for bed!  We were super tired!!

Grateful for...  An amazing daughter and husband!

Favorite Moment....  Swimming in the pool with Brooklyn and listening to her giggles!

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