April 28, 2012

Week In The Life 2012-Monday

So my sister talked me into starting a new project called A Week In The Life where I chronicle what a typical week in our life is like!  I will apologiez in advance, as I haven't been great at taking many pictures, nor blogging it on time, but it has been fun to do!
So here is what our Monday looked like!

7:00  Brooklyn is up at her usual time!  She always wakes up in a wonderful mood!  The three of us spent the morning cuddling in bed and watching Good Morning America (our favorite news program!)

8:00  We decide it's time to get up, get showered, eat, feed Brooklyn (usually oatmeal for breakfast).

9:00 We leave the house, only this is not a typical Monday!  I would normally be off to my sister's to watch my niece's and nephews, but this week, Goober has a conference to go to in St. Cloud for work, so Brooklyn and I decided to join him, so we stop at the office for an adjustment, and it is off we go!

10:00-12:30  We spend the next 2 1/2 hrs in the car, Brooklyn slept almost the entire way there! One highlight of the drive, passing through the town of Kimball.  Which is the town where my grandma Burt grew up.  Sadly, I learned this from my husband, who is apparently a better listener than me, and who also knew that my grandmother's family walked from Kimball to Grand Rapids.  Not quite sure how far that is, but I know it is longer than I want to walk!

12:30  Yay!  We arrive in St. Cloud, where we check into our hotel room, eat lunch, and them feed Brooklyn!  Her first taste of prunes! Yummy!

1:00-3:00  Spent time together...  Admired one of the nicest rooms we had stayed in, checked out the view form our window looking over the Mississippi, and Goober spent a little time working on the computer.

3:00-6:00  Goober had to go down to his conference, so Brooklyn and I hung out in the room and walked down to the pool area. Then it was time for another nap, so I did some work my self while watching Ellen.  Then decided to nap myself!

6:00-10:30  We went down and had supper at the Green Mill with some of Goober's sales reps and then back to the room to relax and hang out. After putting Brooklyn to sleep, I did more work, played on Pinterest (which I am completely addicted to!), got ready for bed, then we watched Fast Five!  All in all, a great and relaxing day!

Grateful today for.... Having the flexibilty in my work to be able to go with my husband on his trip!

Favorite Moment...  Snuggling in the morning!  I love that we can spend that time in the morning being together!

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