April 26, 2012

Brooklyn-6 Months

I can't believe how big you have gotten in the last six months!  You amaze us everyday with how much you've grown and all the new things you can do!

At 6 months you weigh 15lbs are 27" long!

Your firsts in the last months include:

Your first St. Patricks day!

Your first night in your crib! That was a bit hard for mommy and daddy, but you did just fine!

You rolled from your back to your front finally!!!  

You started drinking 5oz bottles!

Your first time on a slide! With a little help from daddy!

Your first Easter!  Grandma and Grandpa Volker came down the weekend before Easter to celebrate with us!

I love this picture!  You are trying so hard to get a good grip on a plastic egg that you got at your first Easter egg hunt at church!

Opening your Easter basket from Grandma and GrandpaVolker!

Dying Easter Eggs!  You were so interested in what was in the cup!

You even tried to eat your first egg that you dyed!

Your first time at Sibley Park! We all went to the park and had a picnic!

You started wearing 6-9 mos clothes!  Only because you are too tall for your 3-6 mos clothes! And you moved up to size 3 diapers!

Your Auntie Mandy, Uncle Brad, and Cousins Sammy and Tyler came to visit you Easter weekend!

With Sammy!
And Tyler!
Swinging with Sammy!
Going down the big slide with daddy!
Hanging with the girls!
 Wearing the Easter jammies and bunny ears from Great Auntie Vel!
(Basket too!)

Your Easter basket!
Being goofy in your Easter dress!  Ready to go to church!

 Your first taste of solid foods!  You did great!  You still like veggies better than fruit!  Bananas are too sour and so are the apples!

Last but not least, on the day you turned 6 mos, you sat for the very first time by yourself!
What a big girl you are!

More favorite pictures from this month!

I love your sad face!!!

Happy Girl!
Hanging with Auntie!
You love your daddy!
And your mommy!

Reading with Evie!
I love how you are so interested in everything you can get your hands on!

My most favorite picture of you this month!



Rae said...

I have no favorites...they are all my favorite!! B you are a joy and I love you to pieces!!!!

Auntie T

keeshaobrien said...

Not sure how I missed this post...Brooklyn I love you so much and I cannot wait to meet you in person and give you lots of hugs and smooches. Lots of love.