June 11, 2011

My 30 before 30...

Since I will be turning thirty in less than 11 months I decided that there is  a lot that I want to accomplish, and many new things I would like to try before that day comes.  So I am making a sort of "to do" list of goals I would like to have completed before the big 3-0!

  1. Learn to play the guitar.
  2. Pay off my credit card. (Completed 10/10/11)
  3. Try one new fruit. (Completed 8/8/11)
  4. Take a Zumba class.  (Completed 6/28/11)
  5. Scrapbook our wedding album.
  6. Learn to make jelly (And can it too!)
  7. Be in a single digit size! (Not too unrealistic?)
  8. Read a classic novel.
  9. Invest in a new camera. (Completed 11/13/11)
  10. Take a Road Trip.
  11. Finish Jillian's 30 Day Shred.
  12. Start recycling. (Completed 9/17/11)
  13. Learn Yoga.
  14. Make my own bread.  (Completed 12/22/11)
  15. Make a cake with fondant. (Completed 7/15/11)
  16. Go to a concert.
  17. Make myself some jewelery.
  18. Write "tributes" to my family and friends.
  19. Throw a "theme" party. (Completed 7/16/11)
  20. Learn how to style my hair. (Completed 8/27/11)
  21. Develop family traditions for holidays. (And find fun things to do for the not so major ones.)
  22. Try a new recipe. (Completed 1/19/12)
  23. Do something nice for a stranger.
  24. Learn to play chess. (1/25/12)
  25. Make some fun stuff for baby. (1/30/12)
  26. Get a "new" car. (2/3/12)
  27. Move to a new city. (Competed 9/17/11)
  28. Get a facial.
  29. Get a massage.  (Completed 1/19/12)
  30. BECOME A MOM! (COMPLETED 10/14/11)


Rae said...

good list! Wish I'd have done it...GOOD LUCK! I know you will accomplish it all esp #30 that's my favorite!


keeshaobrien said...

I think your list seems very attainable-let me know if I can help you achieve any of those goals. I agree w/ Tawnda #30 is my fave too! Love you!