June 5, 2011

Meet Brooklyn Marie!

On June 2nd we went to the ultrasound of our new baby, and found out it's a girl!  We were super excited!  Now I can finally start shopping!

Here are some cute ultrasound pictures!

Her little foot!

Waving Hello!
So Precious!


keeshaobrien said...

Well you know this Auntie is super excited to have another niece! Love the US pics! So thankful to J.R. for giving this precious gift to you guys. Love you and miss you!

Rae said...

October is too far away!!!!!!!! I am hoping she is born on my birthday but even if close to it I will consider it my BEST birthday present ever!!!!!!!!!! Love you already Brooklyn!! Love Auntie Tawnda

Brooke said...

Congrats Jessalyn!! Let the shopping begin!! I am so happy for you. ps-I LOVE her name :)