February 21, 2012

Brooklyn- 4 Months

Look at that big smile!  What a joy and blessing you are!  We thank God every day for you!

In the last month you have...

Sat in your highchair for the first time to be at the table with mommy and daddy!

Started hugging your Lolly and your blanket.

Started wearing size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes.

Had an appointment with the Opthamologist for an eye exam and an eye infection (which you received a prescription for!). Turns out you have 1mm ptosis (which just means your left eye opens a little less than your right eye) not a big deal, according tot he doctor!
Experienced your first superbowl party!

Had another play date with Evie, Henry, Ella, Grant, Abi, Ethan, and Malachi! (Thank you Miss Rachel for the invite!)

Went to your first basketball game... Cousin Rochelle's, (you were scared of all the noise at first, then you got bored and fell asleep!)

 Figured out how to get that toy in your mouth!

 Found your feet!

Had your first Valentine's Day!

Here are more of our favorite pictures of you this month!

 Loves to chew on her arm!


keeshaobrien said...

Love you Brooklyn!!!!! Happy 4 month birthday!

Rae said...

Yep, those smiley photos pretty much encapsulate my beautiful niece. LOVE YOU TO PIECES MS. B!!!!! Adore you too!!

Love Auntie

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is so beautiful and happy and it is easy to see why she is such a joy to you both. Those eyes are amazing. keep those photos coming!!