January 19, 2012

Brooklyn- 3 Months

Wow! Three months already! Time certainly flies!  This last month has been one filled with a lot of laughter!  Especially from you!  This month you...

Had a Checkup... You weighed 9lbs. 13 oz.

We waited another week to get your shots, because you got a cold!  You didn't like those one bit! (But neither did mommy!)

Discovered your tongue...(you and mommy like to stick your tongues out at each other!)

Had your first Christmas!

I love this one of you!

Went to the Mall of America for the first time!

Laughed at mommy for the first time! I wish I could have gotten it on tape! 

Switched to 3-6 Months clothes!  You are too tall for your 0-3 month clothes!
Moved up to 4oz. bottles!  You even held the bottle for yourself for about 30 secs! You are getting so big!

You discovered your hands and love to eat them! 

More favorite pictures from this month are...

Reading with Grandma and Evie!

 Look at the sparkle in your eyes, and your beautiful smile!

 You still love your paci! (On the occasion you take it!)


Rae said...

bout time!!!!!! LOVE HER TO PIECES and then some!!!!!!! Beautiful post!

Rae said...

oh you forgot...got your first stomach virus. BOO! :(

keeshaobrien said...

Three months already? Time sure does fly! Love the updates, helps me feel like I am there. Miss you A LOT and love you even more!