September 25, 2011

THREE Weeks and Counting!

Well.... It has been a busy few weeks for us!  We have had a lot of changes!  I had my last day working at the YMCA preschool!  It was a very sad day for me as I had worked there for the last five years!  My coworkers were awesome! I am especially going to miss my best friend Holly! She was always there for me to talk to, and I am going to miss that!  Two days after my last day, we moved!  Talk about stress!  My husbands company moved him to expand their business.  But not so bad because now I am closer to my sister and her family!  I love being so close to my neices and nephews, and enjoy all the time we have been spending together. I also began work this last week for my sister and brother in law. So in the midst of getting our house organized, working, and my husband flying to Oregon to go get his mother, we are patienly waiting for little Miss Brooklyn to arrive!  THREE weeks and counting!!!!


keeshaobrien said...

I cannot wait! For you to be a mama and for me to have another sweet niece to spoil! Love you and miss you lots!

Rae said...

Who's being patient???? NOT ME, ugh...that day can't get here soon enough!!!!!

LOVE YOU, and FINALLY posting!