July 17, 2011

#15 Make A Cake With Fondant!

I have to say this was pretty easy to make!   I didn't make my homemade fondant, I bought some from the store and colored and rolled it out my self!  Fondant looks really nice and tastes alright but boy does it have a funny texture!  I made the cake for my husband's 30th Birthday party which was a Country Western theme!  The cake took about 6 hours to make from baking it to drawing on the bandana pattern! All in all it turned out pretty good for my first time making it!


Rae said...

U R AWESOME!!!! I thought it turned out fabulous. It looked great! I have to agree weird texture, but tasted real good!!


keeshaobrien said...

You did an AWESOME job Jess! It looked great and tasted great too!